Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Angelina Ear Warmer, Chunky Ear Warmer Crochet Pattern

Looking for a quick one skein project?  This Earwarmer can be worked up in an hour and with just one skein. Chunky and Stylish, a much-needed accessory for the Fall season. It will give you warmth while not messing up your hair too much. I used this lovely red color from Hometown USA and it came out gorgeous. A simple to work textured stitch is used for the Earwarmer and you will be done in no time. a great item for gifting or for craft fairs. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Autumn Cowl, Chunky Hooded Cowl, Free Crochet Pattern

I have had this Super Bulky yarn lying around since last Winter and have been thinking of making something with it. Finally, turned it into this toasty hooded cowl. I hate hats as they mess up my hair and would prefer a hood anytime. The hood has been designed not to have a beak at the back. This cowl used up 5 skeins of Hometown USA from Lionbrand, Luckily, it was the cheapest Super Bulky yarn that I could ever find and didn't break my bank. Whenever designing with Bulky yarn, my mantra has always been to keep it simple and let the yarn do all the talking. This cowl is simple and quick to make and uses a variation of the dc to add some texture to your work. It is a hood and an infinity cowl all in one. Since my Mannequin did not have a proper shoulder, I struggled to keep the cowl part on her while photographing. Anyway, I hope you get the idea. 

1. Yarn: Super Bulky, size 6 yarn. I used Hometown USA from Lion Brand. The
UK/Australian equivalent is 14 ply.
2. Hook: Hook K (6.5 mm) and a hook H (5mm) to weave in the tails.

Finished measurements: Hood is 12 inches high and the cowl is 47 inches long including the hood.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Claire Finger less Mittens, Free Crochet Pattern

This mittens pattern looks so classy. I love the blue pair so much and would be keeping it for myself. It would make a lovely accessory to flaunt in Fall and also to keep your hands warm in your air-conditioned offices. You can make the inner layer dark and the lacy layer a lighter shade or even do the reverse. Either way, this design would look stunning. It is an amazing one skein project that would make a great gift. You can make the matching Claire Boots and gift a matching pair. I am sure the recipient would be super excited.