Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Monster Pencil Case or Pouch, Free Crochet Pattern, Back to School

I am excited to present this cute Back to School Monster pencil case!  Every year I think of coming up with a Back to School project and end up finding no time. I made the one in blue and orange first and my little girl loved it. She requested one in pink and orange, so I whipped up a second one. Made using mostly single crochet stitches and cotton worsted weight yarn, it turned out pretty sturdy. I am sure this will keep the kids entertained in their free time. You will need a matching zipper for the pouch. I didn't find an orange zipper and had to use a blue one. If you are intimidated by the zipper, the pattern explains in detail  how to attach the zipper. Hey, there is a first time for everything! You can do this.

You can download the free pattern here: Monster Pencil Case

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