Sunday, October 30, 2011

Aesthetic Hooded Scarf (Free Crochet Pattern)

Back View

I designed this hooded scarf using Red Heart Super Saver yarn in color gold. Scarves are probably the first projects a beginner crocheter would take up. It would give them a lot of practice in working the stitches while making something useful. This hooded scarf can be your favorite fashion accessory for winter while keeping you warm and cozy. It is made using a single strand of worsted weight yarn and double crochet stitches making it a quick and easy crochet project. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Boo Halloween Witch Basket ( Free PDF Crochet Pattern)

The Handle

Halloween is around the corner and I wanted to crochet something fun . So here is my "Boo Witch Basket" for your kiddos! My little one wanted a regular pumpkin one as she thought a witch would be too spooky but needless to say she fell in love with it once it was completed  and can't wait to show it  off to her friends. I really enjoyed putting together this weird project too. I am especially proud of her grin. The pattern turned out to be longer than I thought with so many facial features but was well worth the effort. The smile on my little girl's face said it all!

I used two strands of worsted weight/ Aran ( size 4 medium) yarn for the sides of the basket and I made it wide to hold more candy for trick or treating rather than keeping it compact like my Easter  bunny basket. There is a cardboard hidden in the hat to make it stand up. You can run a satin ribbon through the handle and sew it down together to prevent the handle from stretching. You can even convert this pattern into a jack-o-lantern by following the pattern to make the basket in orange and sticking on some black felt for the features. As simple as that! I hope you all will enjoy making this!

Click Here for the Free Pattern!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Headband with Flowers (Free Crochet Pattern)

It has been quite sometime since I posted a free pattern. So I thought I would post a couple of headband patterns which would make an easy to make accessory for this summer and a great way to use that scrap yarn we all have been holding onto for so long. I have really enjoyed making the summer patterns, the Flip flops and the Sporty Sandals and this one comes as the final icing on the cake. After all, who doesn't love flowers and when it comes to crocheted ones aren't they just irresistible? You can use them to embellish a dress or a hat as well.

Make them in any colors of your choice using worsted weight yarn. Pattern tells you how to make it for any size head and includes a chart to help you with the measurements if you are making it for someone else. Using a bigger hook than specified can help you increase the size of the flower. I prefer keeping the headbands as narrow as possible as it makes the flower stand out. You can use a single flower or a pair of contrasting flowers partly overlapping each other, in the same sizes or in two different sizes. Just experiment with the colors, size and alignment and you can make it look different every time you crochet it.

For the free pattern Click Here!

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Appliquéd Bubble Wrap Crochet Blanket ( Free Pattern)

This is a very easy beginner baby blanket pattern. If you know the basic crochet stitches working this one is going to be a breeze. When I first made the doll appliqué the face turned out to be too long. It left me wondering what can be done to make it cuter, I figured making the face wider will do the trick. I had done the same appliqué for one of my sewing projects and I knew this could not go wrong. All said, I am quite happy with the way it turned out and I am ready to share it with all of you. This would make a beautiful stroller blanket.

The pattern is worked in worsted weight yarn and uses 2 hooks, H ( 5mm) and F ( 3.75 mm) . You can make it any size you want. Customize the colors and make it your own. Enjoy the free pattern and don't forget to share the pictures on my facebook page.

Click here for the free pattern:  Doll Blanket Free Pattern

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bunny Basket Crochet Pattern ( Free Pattern)

This is another one of my easy peasy patterns . I used just a single strand of worsted weight yarn and was surprised to see it hold its shape quite well. I guess the fact that the design is compact made it work. I am not an Amigurumi expert and had some trouble sewing the nose and mouth. I am guilty of making sad faces even when I used to paint and am glad this bunny came out pretty smiling. Aah! The jinx is finally broken.

Pattern is worked using a H hook and can be finished in less than 2 hours. You can even consider adding a pompom to the back as its tail. Don't you think that is a lovely idea? So come up with your versions and don't forget to share the pictures on my facebook page. Enjoy the free pattern!

For the free pattern : Click Here!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to work a Front Post or Back Post Double Crochet Stitch

Beginner Crocheters, you don't have to run at the sight of the words front post double crochet (fpdc) and back post double crochet ( bpdc). If you can manage a regular double crochet you can work your way through these too. Here is a comparative study that makes it as easy as it gets.

Both fpdc and bpdc can add more texture to your crochet project. These stitches are worked like the regular double crochet except for the fact that you insert the hook in a different way before you pull up a loop. Fpdc is easier to work than a regular double crochet. In fpdc, you insert the hook from front. In bpdc, you insert the hook from back. When doing bpdc, just fold and hold the work to keep it out of the way when you complete the stitch. Below is a step by step pictorial illustration of the two.

Regular Double Crochet

1. Inserting the hook to work a regular double crochet

Working a Front Post Double Crochet (fpdc)

1. Insert your hook from front to back through space between the double crochet stitches

2. Bring hook back to front thru next space between double crochet stitches

3. Yarn over, bring up to level of 1st double crochet and complete dc as usual

4. Completed fpdc


Working a Back Post Double Crochet (bpdc)

1. Insert hook from back to front thru the space between the dc stitches

2. Insert hook to the back thru the next space between the dc stitches

3. Yarn over, hold the work folded and complete the dc stitch as usual on the back of your work

Ear warmer worked using Front post double crochet Stitches

The ridges on this  headband are formed by front post double crochet stitches