Friday, September 3, 2010

All In One Crochet Hook Case (Free Pattern)

This is a pattern for a case that will hold all your crochet hooks and more. No more searching under the sofa and between the cushions! Just make one for yourself in a single color or in any two colors you choose and never lose your hooks again. It has 10 narrow pockets to hold the hooks and one broad one to hold your measuring tape and stitch markers. When I started to make this I hadn't envisioned the pocket for holding the measuring tape and stitch markers. It was an afterthought and so I had to sew down the bottom of it. But in the pattern here I have added it in such a way that the slip stitch around the crochet case will close all the pockets at once. If unlike me who uses just pieces of scrap yarn as stitch markers, you use the ready made ones then it can be hooked anywhere on to the inside of the crochet case and don't have to be put in the pocket. Keep your yarn needle pinned onto the tape measure pocket and you have your all in one crochet kit. It closes like a book and is secured by a snap button flap.



It is worked using Hooks I and H and worsted weight yarn. I used Red heart super saver. The case is worked in two layers, one inner layer with the hook pockets and one outer layer to add thickness. The inner layer is worked in the back loops and front loops (to see working into front loops or back loops click here) alternately to leave one loop of each stitch free. You will be working the hook pockets into these free loops.

Inner layer

Inner layer worked to make rows of free loops.

Using Hook I , ch 25 or chain as long as the chain measures about an inch more than your tallest crochet hook.