Monday, August 30, 2010

How I Organize My Crochet Stuff

All we crocheters love our crochet supplies and love hoarding them for future use. But too much of it and things go out of control. You don't know how to organize them and they are all over the place. I finally decided to take some time to add some method to my madness and share it with all of you. I made a hook case to keep my hooks in. Finally, a well deserving abode for my hooks which do all the work. The hook case has ten hook pockets to hold hooks from sizes B to K. You can even add a pocket for your tape measure and stitch markers. Free pattern for this case will be coming up soon.

I had always kept my yarn bundled up in plastic bags. What an uncreative way of keeping such a beautiful craft supply! So one fine day I decided to shop for a big plastic box that would hold all my yarn. That is when I chanced upon this three tier plastic box with wheels. These are readily available in any Walmart or Target stores. Now, I store all my yarn in these and can conveniently wheel them around wherever I want to sit and crochet. You can also consider using one of the tiers for keeping your tape measure, buttons, sewing needles and thread etc.

Time and again, after starting to use a skein of yarn I end up loosing or misplacing the wrappers around the yarn. The result, I don't know which color or brand I am using to mention it in my patterns. Looking up the color names in the internet left me confused and I had to wait for my next visit to the craft store to confirm it. So I came up with this idea to cut out the name part and the color part of each yarn label and staple them with a bit of the yarn for future reference.

If any of you have more ideas please let me know and I would like to add it here.


  1. thanks for great ideas and pictures demonstrating techniques. thanks also for free patterns - can't wait to try belt and booties.

  2. I use the big 2 gallon ziplock bags to put working projects into. I put the project, yarn, small pencil, one yarn wrapper, crochet needle, tools, and pattern in the bag. This way every thing I need for the project is at hand. And it is easily portable-just drop in carry bag or easy to put away when I am bored.

  3. I have a basket that I keep all of my little balls of yarn in. When there isn't a lot of yarn left from a skein, I roll it into a ball and secure it with a rubberband, and all the balls go into the basket. I also keep a smaller basket next to my chair that I keep my hooks, scissors, pen/pencil, glasses, and a notepad in.

    I love your idea for organizing your yarn. I've been thinking about getting some. Right now I have three of the big plastic totes and I don't know if they hold more than those drawers do.

  4. i crochet hats and booties to sell so i have to keep a lot of colors on hand. i was having a very difficult time keeping track of what i had available at home because i had no organization...someone gave me hand me down fabric boxes...the kind used for module storage...super cheap and kinda cute too...anyway, they are different colors so it got me thinking to sort my yarn by color according to the color of the box and i store them on a normal bookshelf. i love it. now i can just take out what i need and if i need to check for a color i have only one place i need to look. i use a three drawer container like yours to store my current projects and all the tools (needles, hooks, buttons etc). its made a huge difference and keeps things much neater as well.

  5. I recently discovered that the fabric-coated rubber bands designed for pony tails are a great alternative to ordinary rubber bands to wrap around balls of yarn. They won't shrivel up in storage or discolor what they're wrapped around. They are an inexpensive yarn organizing aid, and they come in varied sizes and levels of stretchiness. You might ask someone who has long hair (or who used to) if she has any spares lying around.